Thursday, May 27, 2010

Release 1.1

Your Gridworks' front page should have already alerted you to a new version: 1.1. Changes include
  • Row/record sorting (Issue 32)
  • CSV exporter (Issue 59)
  • Mqlwrite exporter
  • Templating exporter (experimental)
  • Meta facet (Issue 58) - supported by the function facetCount()
  • Issue 34: "Behavior of Text Filter is unpredictable when "regular expression" mode is enabled." Regex was not compiled with case insensitivity flag.
  • Issue 4: "Match All bug with ZIP code". Numeric values in cells were not stringified first before comparison.
  • Issue 41: "Envelope quotation marks are removed by CSV importer"
  • Issue 19: "CSV import is too basic"
  • Issue 15: "Ability to rename projects"
  • Issue 16: "Column name collision when adding data from Freebase"
  • Issue 28: "mql-like preview is not properly unquoting numbers"
  • Issue 45: "Renaming Cells with Ctrl-Enter produced ERROR". Tentative fix for a concurrent bug.
  • Issue 46: "Array literals in GEL"
  • Issue 55: "Use stable sorting for text facets sorted by count"
  • Issue 53: "Moving the cursor inside the Text Filter box by clicking"
  • Issue 14: "Limiting Freebase load to starred records". We load whatever rows that are filtered through, not particularly starred rows.
  • Issue 49: "Add Edit Cells / Set Null"
  • Issue 30: "Transform dialog should remember preferred language."
  • Issue 62: "It'd be nice if URIs were hyperlinked in the data cells"

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